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Pictured Left and below - the signature turret of the H.E. Gritman Building is a flagship example of the architecturally impressive brick buildings that line Ritzville's Main Avenue. Constructed in 1902 by Harry Emmet Gritman, the 50x90 two-story behemoth stands at the corner of Main Avenue and Washington Street, its turret and flagstaff serving as sentinels from a different era. 

Much work lies ahead. From masonry restoration and repair work, to the removal and replacement of the second-story windows. The exterior task list will present plenty of challenges. In the summer of 2019, plywood was removed from 27 windows for the first time in 40 years. Interestingly, pieces of remaining Mt. St. Helen's ash were still present behind the plywood. The first of these 27 windows are currently in a shop being restored to their original glory. Much brickwork has been started and replaced as have several pieces of painting and art restoration including the lettering and H.E. Gritman Building moniker. 

A plan is being formulated and a path forward will soon be shared. Until then, if you want to ask questions, offer assistance, volunteer or donate to the building, you can contact Brenda at

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