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Neon Signs

Although not always the first thing to come to mind as a cultural resource in need of preservation, neon signs are a unique form of art that exist at the crossroads of 20th century popular history and the preservation of what can make a small community revived. The RDDA has finished a few neon projects and have more underway, including the Ritz Theatre, The City of Ritzville, and the Pastime Bar & Grill neon signs. 

The Ritzville City Center sign (pictured below) was originally hung over 1st Avenue at Adams in 1941. We don't know when it was damaged, but it was suspended by wires due to not being able to install poles during WWII.  It was stored in the Ritzville Trading Company building. Jerry Schoesler donated the sign to be renovated and reinstalled in 2012. John Rankin restored the sign to it's original glory. Dana Eberley restored the neon portion (along with the Ritz Theatre). Tone Kubik and Matt Kubik built the structure and helped install the new sign. 

Other neon restored include:

Ritz Theater

King Mercantile Co. 

Pastime Bar & Grill

Big Bend Electric

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